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Prof. Salah Boulaaras

Saudi Arabia

Prof. Hamid Boulares


Prof. Mondher Benjemaa


Dr. Amina Mseddi


Prof. Mohamed Rhaima

Saudi Arabia

Dr. Lassaad Mchiri


Prof. Hamdi Gassara




Dr. Pushpendra Kumar


Prof. Omar Kahouli

Saudi Arabia

Pr. Salah Boulaaras

Pr. Salah Boulaaras was born in 1985 in El oued city in Algeria. He received his Ph.D. degree in mathematics on January 2012 and the highest academic degree (HDR) specializing Numerical analysis for the free boundary problems on September 2013 both from University of Annaba, Algeria. He research interests include: Numerical Analysis of Parabolic Variational and Quasi-Variational Inequalities, evolutionary Hamilton Jacobi Bellman-equations, Numerical Methods for PDEs, Mathematical Analysis of PDEs, He is working as a full professor at Qassim University, Saudi Arabia, She has also published 285 research articles in highly indexed journals. He also got two excellent awards from 2019 and 2021.

Pr. Hamid Boulares

Prof.Dr. Boulares  Hamid obtained PhD degree in Mathematics (2016) from Annaba University (Algeria). He has four teen years (14) of experience in mathematical research and teaching at the university of Guelma (Algeria). His research interests include :  Fixed Point Theory, Integral Equations, Functional Analysis, Fractional Calculus, Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Analysis, Delay Differential Equations, Nonlinear Systems, Stochastic Calculus. Currently, he is interested in the application of some stochastic fractional problem of type pantograph equations….


WOS : J-1984-2018

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Pr. Mondher Benjemaa

Pr. Mondher Benjemaa was born in 1979 in Sfax, Tunisia. He received his PhD. degree in applied mathematics on  2007 and the highest academic degree (HDR) specializing Numerical methods for PDEs approximation on 2018 from University of sciences, Sfax. He research interests include: Numerical methods of PDEs, Mathematical Analysis of PDEs, Fractional differential equations. He is currently working at the faculty of sciences of sfax and published several research articles in highly indexed journals.

Dr. Amina Mseddi

Amina Mseddi is a post-doctoral researcher at CEM Lab since September 2022. She is engaged in a research project in collaboration with ISE compagny. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering, in 2019, from the National Engineering School of Sfax, Tunisia, in collaboration with the University of Cergy Pontoise, France, the Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Systems, and Technology, obtained in 2015, from Ecole Normale Supérieur de Cachan, France and the National Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering, in 2014, from the National Engineering School of Sfax, Tunisia. Her reaserch includes modeling and optimizing Double Excitation Wind Generators with a focus on fractional-order , Hinfinity and CRONE controllers.

Dr. Mohamed Rhaima

Mohamed Rhaima was born in 1984. He received his MSc degree in Mathematics from the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia, in 2012. He received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia and Tor Vergata University, Rome-Italy, in 2017. His research interests include nonlinear stochastic control systems, nonlinear stochastic dynamical systems, stochastic fractional-order systems and stochastic delay systems.

Dr. Lassaad Mchiri

Lassaad Mchiri obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics at University of tunis El Manar, Tunisia, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2016 from University of Sfax, Tunisia. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at ENSIIE, France. His current research interests include Fractional Differential Equations, Ordinary Differential Equations, Stochastic Differential Equations, Control Theory and Stability Theory.

Dr. Hamdi Gassara

Hamdi Gassara is an associate professor in Electrical department at National School of Engineering of Sfax (NSES), Tunisia. He received his PhD degree in Electrical engineering with highest honors from the University of Picardie Jules Vernes (UPJV) at France in 2011.  Prior to his PhD, he received his Master degree from UPJV in 2008. His research focuses on stability analysis, stabilization, fault tolerant control for complex systems such as fuzzy model with time delay and fractional-order systems.


Dr. BOUCENNA Djalal obtained his bachelor’s and Graduate Diploma from the Department of Mathematics at University of Skikda, Algeria and a Doctorate in Mathematics in 2018 from University of Annaba, Algeria. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Higher Normal School of Technological Education of Skikda, Algeria. His current research interests include Fractional Differential Equations, Ordinary Differential Equations and Stability Theory.

Dr. Pushpendra Kumar

Dr. Pushpendra Kumar is an Indian mathematician. His research interests are mathematical modelling, fractional calculus, neural networks, and computational methods. He is affiliated with Jeonbuk National University (The Republic of Korea), Istanbul Okan University (Turkey), Near East University TRNC (Turkey), and the University of Johannesburg (South Africa).

Omar Kahouli

OMAR KAHOULI is currently an associate professor with the Electronics Engineering Department of the Applied College, University of Hail, Saudi Arabia. His current research projects focus on interdisciplinary applications of the electrical power system and renewable energy. He is an active contributor to his research fields through the different original works published either in high-ranking journals or in conference proceedings. His main research interests include renewable energy (wind turbine generation and solar energy), power system control and stability, the application of non-conventional techniques for power system stabilizers, and reconfiguration and planification of distribution power networks.

Prof. Dumitru Baleanu

Dumitru Baleanu, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon,

Dumitru Baleanu is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon. Dumitru Baleanu got his  PhD from the Institute of Atomic Physics in 1996. His fields of interest include the  fractional dynamics and its applications, fractional differential equations and their applications, discrete mathematics, image processing, bio-informatics, mathematical biology,  mathematical physics, soliton theory, Lie symmetry, dynamic systems on time scales, computational complexity, the wavelet method and its applications, quantization of systems with constraints, the Hamilton-Jacobi formalism, geometries admitting generic and non-generic symmetries. Dumitru  is a pioneer of the fractional variational principles and their applications in control theory. He is one of the co-authors of the seminal paper entitled “Anomalous diffusion expressed through fractional order differential operators in the Bloch-Torrey equation”, published in Journal of  Magnetic Resonance  (2008),which  plays now a fundamental role within diffusion weighted MRI. Dumitru  had an important role in developing the non-singular  operators with Mittag-Leffler kernels and their applications in real world phenomena.

Dumitru Baleanu is co-author of more than 20 books published by Springer, Elsevier and World Scientific. His H index is 100. Dumitru Baleanu won the following prestigious awards:

–             2023- Award Grigore Moisil given by the Romanian Academy

–          2020-Best Research Award, given by the ITSR Foundation Award 2020  (organized by Institute of Technical and Scientific Research, India) and presented online on  September 13th, 2020.

–          2020- Distinguished Researcher Award, Given by the Jaipur Mathematical Society and presented during  the 3rd International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, Applied Analysis and Computation (ICMMAAC-20),7-9 August 2020 at JECRC University,Jaipur, India

–          2019-Award for 20 years of successful scientific activity in the field of fractional calculus and its applications by Istanbul Gelisim University, Turkey

–          2019- Obada Prize. The Obada-Prize recognizes and encourages innovative and interdisciplinary research that cuts across traditional boundaries and paradigms. It aims to foster universal values of excellence, creativity, justice, democracy, and progress and to promote the scientific, technological and humanistic achievements that advance and improve our world.

  • 2018-ICFDA2018 Award:Innovation in Fractional Calculus. This award is granted to inventors of new patents which address major problems and have a great perspective by use of fractional calculus in real World appplications

Dumitru is the Editor in Chief of Progress in Fractional Differentiation and Applications and he is a Co-editor in Chief of  Discontinuity, Nonlinearity and Complexity. Dumitru Baleanu is member of several editorial boards of journals inxed in SCI.